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Studio G3 has been creating art glass for over 20 years. 
In 1996, the focus was the design and fabrication of artistic sandblasting, etching, and airbrushing glass and murals. Driven by their love of glass and the increasing demand for new and exciting glass products and applications, in 1999, their discoveries inspired them to create decorative architectural glass via a process called “Kiln-Formed”; their initial challenge was to have large kilns built, tested, modified and continue to improve upon large kiln technology. Having overcome many obstacles, an even bigger challenge lay ahead; introducing the diverse international architectural community to the many advantages and opportunities inherent in a glass product that far extends the boundaries of traditional glass applications. This began a lasting fascination with the architectural glass product. 

Studio G3 Glass has won several awards as participants in these diverse trade shows; The Best Of Its Kind, Most Creativity, Best New Product and Best Booth Display are to name a few. Over the years, Studio G3 Glass has been mentioned in the media, magazines, catalogues, and interior design books. Images of Studio G3s artwork and projects have been mentioned and displayed in Various Interior Design Magazines and Architectural Catalogues. Studio G3 Glass is listed in the category of one of the most well-known, successful companies.

Studio G3 Glass has worked tirelessly to evolve the technology, application and techniques of kiln-formed as well as the reputation of Studio G3 on sand carving and airbrushing. Today, Studio G3 employs a cadre of talented glass artists and ships custom products to customers and fine institutes all over the world. The company has become one of the acknowledged world leaders in architectural glass technology as well as a primary resource for unique decorative glass on an international scale.

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