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The Tale of the Olympic Cauldron

Thousands of Vancouverites and tourists walk by the Olympic Cauldron every day, not knowing that this Masterpiece was locally crafted by Studio G3 Glass! Using over 500 pieces of Textured Glass, and our signature texture and enhancing it to make it look like ice, the cauldron today has truly become a symbol of Vancouver.

It all started when Wayne Gretzky lit the glass torch for the first time at the 2010 Vancouver Opening Ceremony and the crowds went wild. This event led up to a very controversial concern for the city of Vancouver, as they fenced off the olympic cauldron, keeping it away from public resulting in global spotlight. Today, the Glass Cauldron sits inside a beautiful water fountain with a dim light that changes color throughout the day.

From time to time, on special days like Canada Day and New Years, the Flames turn on for the day accompanied by a festival. Also, the Glass Cauldron can be lit for private events, for a fee of course!

Here are some snaps of our progress with the Olympic Cauldron:

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