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SatinShield - Revolutionary Anti-Scratch Glass Protection

SatinShield is the industry's latest phenomenon in innovative anti-scratch glass, resistant to scratch and stain. SatinShield undergoes a three-step process which not only coats the top surface of glass but also goes deep within the surface of the glass, providing the ultiate protectin and allowing glass to be over 10x stronger.

A patent-pending formula leaves the glass with a matte satin etch-like finish, which is great for privacy panels. Studio G3 Glass can make glass at any shape, thickness and form into a scratch proof product. With SatinShield, you can be more confident in your glass products to continue to be more durable, long-lasting and sustainable. For divides, privacy panels, stairways and boardroom walls, the glass can stay matte. For countertops, glass walls and backslashes, the glass can be finished with any colour. Studio G3 Glass can match virtually any colour, and are known for having the best quality glass paints available in the market today.

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