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Studio G3 Glass | Celebrating 20 Years!

Studio G3 Glass is BC’s glass of choice, and for good reason; The unstoppable imagination of our artists combined with our cutting-edge techniques and technical understanding of glass represent the ultimate marriage of form and function. Whether architectural or decorative, our comprehensive experience excels in both the ordinary and the unseen.

Founded in 1996, Studio G3 Glass has specialized in SandCarving, Kiln-formed (also called “Slumped” or “Cast” glass), painting, and even flooring. Our detail-oriented customer service ensures we’re with you every step of the way, from conceptualization to installation, whether a mass-production for your company, or simply your backsplash at home.

In the last five years, we’ve developed a new glass treatment that repels scratches, stains and bacterial growth, in addition to unveiling an entirely new division of Studio G3 dedicated solely to our works of art and fine furniture. You can find G3’s works all over the globe in upscale commercial locations such as Phuket International Airport, the HardRock casino, the City of Richmond’s welcome statue and of course the Vancouver Convention Centre, home of our very own 2010 Olympic Torch, comprised of over 600 pieces assembled in a short time. Conversely, G3 is also the choice of residential developers – Polygon Homes, Intergulf Development and Bastion Development Corporation, to name a few. Glass truly has a place everywhere, and G3 is all of your options in one.


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